League of Legends Amateur Tournament Op! #01 (NA Server)

Greeting, here is Moxileiro Ancião the tournament organizer that will guide you through all the tournament from the registration to the delivery of the prize. Follow the step by step bellow and we will meet againg at the time of the event.


Step 1 – Bracket Registration

All the team member must register at the tournament as a team

Tournament Link: https://battlefy.com/tobeop/league-of-legends-amateur-tournament-op-01-na-server/5ef612c072e7d4500f9b742d/info?infoTab=details

The Battlefy is where we coordinate the bracket, at the moment of the registration remember to use your complete Riot ID, by example my is ( Moxileiro Ancião #BR1 )

Step 2 – Prizes Registration

All the team member must press join tournament at Matcherino, a website where togheter we increase the prize poll with quests

Matcherino Link: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/31057/overview

In order to be eligible to receive the prize each player must do at least 0,60USD of contribution with quests.

  • Ps: Matcherino quests are one use only by player, so if you already did all the quests in previous tournaments, at the winner announcement please contact the admin linking the other tournaments proving that you can’t do the quests

Step 3 – Tournament Check in

The team captain must realize the check in at Battelfy, otherwise the team will not bet placed in the bracket.

Check in starts 30 minutes before the tournament start

Battlefy Tournament Link: https://battlefy.com/tobeop/league-of-legends-amateur-tournament-op-01-na-server/5ef612c072e7d4500f9b742d/info?infoTab=rules

Step 4 – Technical Congress

All players must be at the Technical Congresse livestream, i will pass all the info the team will need to play the tournament and codes to imput at Matcherino for extra prize pool. More over i will schedule the tournament final match for broadcast.

Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/moxileiroanciao

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